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Stories, Songs, and Snapshots:

Listen to my songs: - A few songs I've recorded.
Childhood Stories: Six stories from when I was a boy
Adventures with Clothes Pin Weapons: Another boyhood story
Frank the Cat: Yet another boyhood story
David and the Burglar: David fights crime at home
Dad's Old Jokes: A collection of my Dad's favorite gags
361 Yale Avenue: A story of our new house
Cattle Auction: Deidre and I go to a cattle auction as children
How to build a laser interferometer for $5: - My instructions and illustrations.
Newspaper articles: - Links to newspaper/magazine articles featuring interviews with me. I'm famous!
Photo Album 1: - Old pictures
Photo Album 2: - More old pictures
Photo Album 3: - New pictures - now with captions!
David Thomson trivia : 100 or so random facts.
My patents and papers: Links to U.S. patents and published papers
Venus Fly Trap: - Photos and summary of an FHE lesson (75 KB).
My fake LdsSingles profile: I actually posted this for a few weeks. Didn't get much mail.
Atomic Transmissions: This is first and only time someone paid me to build their website.

The Food Storage Blues
- YouTube video from our May 10, 2008 performance

A few places I recently visited in New York:

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